Lot’s of people who are just standing around
Cause they don’t realize that God’s grace abounds
And they really would love to hear the sound
Of people preaching about a Savior
And they don’t realize that where sin abounds grace abounds greater
This is something you’d never get from a friend or neighbor
It’s time to wake up to the facts
This grace we’ve been talking about before the book of Acts
But I’ll tell you right now the book of Ephesians tells us that
It’s only by God’s grace that you’ll be in a place
None of your works going to help you see his face
I’m telling you now it’s only his grace
So quit all this trying to measure up
Cause Jesus really truly took the cup
So now we don’t have to measure up
That’s the great and mighty gift God gave to us.
The gift of God from God to you
Marks how God made your life brand new
Or even how his Grace got you
It’ll light up your life your face too
You just have to accept his grace to fall
On you so you can give your all
Or how your life turned from big to small
You got to tell the world you got to tell them all
Jesus had a direction
Without any accept
All the way to the resurrection
And the ascension
He brought by dying on the cross
He came to pay the cost
Blessing the true saving the false
And that’s how his grace is upon us
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Grace Rap Lyrics

ZacCar – Grace Rap Lyrics

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