Google Me Mixtape
Swag em
Str Drop Ent.
Course: Google me google me
You gone have to google me
My swag on a galaxy so you gone have to google me
Str8 drop ent bitch you know who we be my swagga on a galaxy
So you gone have to google me: repeat 3xs

Verse 1: If you tryna rob stick em better have smarts
I live everyday like a kid in the dark and I don't need
A night light not even a spark cuz valentines days the
Only day he got hearti sell em sweet dreams like I sold
To ya bitchescareer it's a wrap like the nite before christmas
Call me Mr. Gifted cuz my point of view differenta vocalizition
With extended definition collab and collision could be bad for the bidniz
So I recognize real and keep fakes at a distance damn they mad I make
Hits in a instant ya bitch baught my album but I'm not pimpin and I'm not
Trick lets get that thru ya mind I can smell bullshit the brains of a K9
3 fangers throw it in ya face for the 3rd time pink up ring down and the peace sign I'm still on Elaine duckin Chatman and Bia big out here yall
Lill niccaz knee high I'm all over the honey like I came out the bee hive
My swagga on a galaxy you gone have 2 google me

Course repeat 2xs

Verse 2: I said I go hared in the paint like walls dissin yung staxs yea you must have balls and got dammit you can sprint I'll jog you can trap it in the summer imma trap it in the fall my name ring bells nigga ding dong I know dat nicca and every one of his song I'm big out here feelin like king kong you can smell the loud pack on my breath when I yawn what am I doing wrong beside choppin down white blocks lke ping pongs and gettin my skeem on while puttin my team on dog I really go hard my name yung staxs but yo can google lil mall
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Google Me Lyrics

Yung Staxs – Google Me Lyrics

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