It's Yung Ro, bp, xp, Candy yeaa


Thicka den a snicka, Sweeta den a Jolly Rancher
She a Twizzler, I got dat Goodbar for lil mamma call me Mr.
Tell me bout yo candy gurl, cus I kno dat you a Candy Gurl
She pourin out like sum skittles
Assorted like sum laffy taffies and I'm da riddle
Shakin her lil whatchamacallit she kno I saw it
Tell me bout yo candy gurl, cus I kno dat you a Candy Gurl

Verse 1 (Ro)

Now and later wit da flavor, look so good I just might taste her
Hella evasive like sum Boston Beans you kno I wanna baker her
Backseat dark tent she fresha den a york mint,
I'm not wit dat sweet tart scent I'm tryna go all in
Make a Starburst then it's Gucci for ya purse,
Dooney Dooney for ya burkes maybe Newlies after church
You say you chewie and dat works, lookin juicy in dat skirt
Colors like fruities in dat shirt, shorty so sharp I might get hurt yeaa
My money greena it's Mr. Buttafinga
More notes than a singer I seen her and wanna queen her,
And she pressin like a steamer so I lean in
Tell her if you a dreamer we team up and put our teams in

Verse 2 (Ro)
You wanna play den you can play, wanna stay den you can stay
On payday I'm da milky way da hataz bout 2 hate
Cus they broke like a Kit Kat dat chit chat can wait
I got big stacks and big racks come get wit da great yeaa
Like a bag of M&Ms watch her shake
Now she open not a lake it's a ocean
And guess who in it floatin
Who's your favorite candy I'm votin
Her kisses look like Hersheys so you kno lil mamma chosin
Sizzlin like sum pop rocks, Harder than a Jawbreaka
Sour patch drop top all she want is flavor
Chocolate factory crib and Ro be da maker
I see em out thurr bitin but my eyes just ate her
Might date her, elevate her, gravitate her
Penetrate her, Have her marchin for my cause demonstrate her
I just let the hook bait her if she fallin off the wall I replace her
Neva chase her might navigate her straight to da paper I like em

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Candy Gurl Lyrics

Yung Ro – Candy Gurl Lyrics