Smoking out the pound boy
Hit the club with no I.D.
Got grown chicks like mamas though
Trying to roll beside me
My cell phone be blowing up
My Ol' chick trying to find me
We gone stay together though
Kinda like we Siamese
I'm just doing me
Haters gone hate on me anyway
Same people from back then
Now they all up in my face
Yo Prince - wassup
I see you on that's what's up
But back in the day
These the same people that didn't give no fuck
People change, kinda like my wardrobe
Had nothing, now when I hit a different city my hotel the horror show
Smoking blunts with bad bitches, I don't think I ever wanna go home
When I go back to my hometown, I bet them bitches don't keep they clothes on
Man I'm so far gone- man I swear I'm on another level
It's funny when you start getting money
They say you worship the devil
Man I'm on another level
I'm more worried bout my bezel
Nobody can bring me down
I can't let them feel that special

They say that I'm gone
They say that I'm gone
They say that I-I-I
They say that I changed
Since I got the fame
That's no surprise-PRISE-PRISE
I just wanna get high
I'm trying to get by
I'm trying to fly-FLY-FLY
Welcome To Mars
Welcome To Mars
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So Far Gone Lyrics

Yung Prince – So Far Gone Lyrics