Yung Jesus begin

I'm the literally yungest rapper alive
They love me like slime
I'm the gangster of the time
I'm like the dude dat run over all these cars
I bet you if own a monster truck the can get out my way as far
A kid have to respect there elders
I'm alive forever
I put the word hip in 2 hop got hip hop
And I'll never stop
Rappin imm chill for a lil
Imma become the greatest Hardcore Underground rapper so I'm still I'll
Every time I hear on of the wack raps I get sick
I'm so rick I built my home out of money
Hawks on my neck color of honey
(Gold) Even my money stacked dat it's like carryin brick in in my pocket
Blast off from: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 I'm off actually I own my own rocket
I'm not near Lil' Wayne I don't need ya to pop lock and drop it
I'm much more creative then other people
I got more mind then the evil
God got powers gave me sum powers
I don't wanna stop I wanna start to devower

[Verse 2:]
I make cash money fast money slow money
More money I ant foney
If I'm a goon I goony my 100 dolar bills
To bad imma a goblin you a kill
To my rap style
People hate other don't
I don't care I'll fite other I wont
Put ur azz on blast n hold
Cuz I got ur girl on slanted position when we done we go out
No doubt I'm the shit wit out a doubt
Aint my fault
I'm like lemon and lime
Other times I'm a yung version of mine
I take it serious (fine)
Lost my neighbor most famouse time 2 shine
Times for you a mouse
I'm out of my house
By 10: 00 sharp (or a quater)
You get paid a quater
Me I get farther
Than ya so shut listen don't look at me
Now you see how I do by a quarter to 3
I make people put things for me for free
Yo it's I. K. P
Jesus aka Yung Jezzy or Yung Jesus
On the other side wit Yung Tayo
Imma out lets go
By the way it's me imma make a quick freestyle
Listen to me
If you see
The song is a continue
Listen to the whol album you
Rep ur flag
I am dag
Honduras all day
Never complain
I stay the same
Game yea
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A Millie (Freestyle) Lyrics

Yung Jesus – A Millie (Freestyle) Lyrics