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I Remember You (English Version) Lyrics

Yui – I Remember You (English Version) Lyrics

The wind on my face is so cold.
But it reminds me of the sky, when we were together.
I can still see the ocean from my house
I'm looking and waiting for you here.

The days have changed and gone by,
But our summer is still there, in my surfboard
I remember the sun then, like it was yesterday
Ne, I can still hear your voice.

You said to me "I'm not going cry, э?
We waved each other goodbye silently.
We didn't say any words: our hands did that for us.
You melted into the sunset, but I Remember You.

Every time I hold your old, rusty guitar,
I hear our song tugging at my heart.
The days seem so cloudy now,
Passing by one after the other.

But I remember thinking:
"I know we're living for someone. э?
Yeah, the sun told that to me.
Ne, I can still hear you.

*Repeat chorus*
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