Verse one:
Don't turn out the lights
Don't leave me in the dark
You told me we would be together
What happened to the light?
You always left it on
You said that this would last forever
But what's wrong now?
We've got too many problems
Don't know where to start
Don't know how to solve them
Baby don't
Walk out that door
Baby wait
I wanted more
Baby please
Don't leave me yet
Cause I know
You don't want to break from me.
You're not ready to leave
Verse two:
How could you go?
I asked you to stay
I kissed your ass Every day
How could you leave?
How could you do this to me?
You've got one more chance to be my baby
Chorus X3
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You're Not Ready To Leave Lyrics

YoungExotic – You're Not Ready To Leave Lyrics

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