Ft. Coery Bapes Pooh Gutta And Young Ray

(Lil wayne)
I came 2 rep my hood (3x)
I aint goota explain what's already understood boi

(Young Shank)
I rep G. V. Estates, I support like a cast wen the bone break
Mo money mo problems what they, but I'm lookin 4 the drama like kay slay
A I came 2 rep my hood
I need a project bitch to help me move my drugs
If a nigga get 2 talkin he want leave walkin


(Coery bapes)
I came 2 rep my hood, ave on deck shouts out 2 the hood
Boyz hollin but they don't think in the hood
But my goons will beat they ass and smoke they grass in da hood
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Rep My Hood (Cleveland) Lyrics

Young Shank – Rep My Hood (Cleveland) Lyrics

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