[Young Noble:]
Noble Justice - uhh...
Outlaw uhh... Yo, yo, yo

Aye Yo...
We bring light to the darkness
The life of the heartless
Despite all the charges
We righteous in our own right
Run from the ghetto
But come back to the ghetto
Go back to the ghetto
And get jacked in the ghetto
First come the pitbulls
Then come the burgulars
Next is the hustlaz
Then out come the murderers
Outlaw warriors - military minded
Don't wanna see yo mama at the cemetary cryin'
Holla back at us
Gotta stack cabbage
Rappin' at gabbage
Then actin' like faggots
So holla at cha folks
A dollar for the hopeless
The collar in a joker
She follow I'm a broke her
I'm rolling it and lighting it
When opening it is frightening
Potent with silence
Promoting it with Violence
I'm rolling it and lighting it
When opening it is frightening
Potent with silence
Promoting it with Violence

[Chorus: x2]
Money, Power, Respect - What's Ourz?
Pussy, Problems, and death to the cowards
The Lawz keep on makin' it
And ya'll keep on hatin' it
We takin' it and strippin' it
Takin' it and flippin' it

[Young Noble:]
Aye yo - we creepin' on a late night
Sippin' on some - stay right
We hustle and we play fight
To damn near daylight
Some is rockin' shit bad
Some of them in body bags
Niggaz wrap that - really neva heard a shotty blast
Killaz on a payroll
Squillaz on a payroll
My block don' got cold
Shots don' got thrown
We rumble for the fuck of it
We thuggin' for the love of it
Rappin' for the thrill of it
Back when I was innocent
Damn Noby killin' it whenever he spit
He the best and when I see him
I'm a tell him he is
And that's the word on the street
But you heard it was beef
And when this shit hit the street
Everybody gon' eat
I'm stayin' on some raw shit
Outlaw war shit
Outlaw from the dark shit
Niggaz off it
Niggaz lost it to lying
Niggaz crossed it
And anything that get's spit on
Ya know they tourched it


[Young Noble:]
Aye yo - you know it's a respect thing
Nigga gotta get mine
Nobe with the dolo dick
Bitches said it's been time
Started from some real'a shit
Every since Pac passed
Been on some guerilla shit
Every since Yak passed
Niggaz said they feelin' this
Mission is to stop cash
Meet me in the streets dawg
Nigga we can lock gas
Pour a lil liquor out
Throw the fuckin' speakers out
The mob on a ride
Lil' niggaz with they heaters out
Nobe spit the truth dawg
Hoppin out of -
Don't make a nigga shoot ya'll
The coward left to move on
What the fuck you tryna move on
Ya crew ain't strong
Outlawz don't die
Pac and Yak live on

[Chorus x4]
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Respect Ourz Lyrics

Young Noble – Respect Ourz Lyrics