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Pain Lyrics

Young M.A – Pain Lyrics

These niggas ain’t ‘bout that
I put that lil pretty black barrel where they mouth at
You say you getting money, um I doubt that
Throw a rack at ‘em like nigga go and count that
I don’t kill shit, I massacre
I always keep a pretty bad bitch in my passenger
I tell her get her ass in the back if I’m mad at her
And if I see another bad bitch then I’m after her
A wise nigga told me wise up
Said even when your head down, always keep your eyes up
My brother was a blood, that’s why I throw that five up
He died from that shit, that’s why I keep that nine tucked
Five what up?
I let the shotgun size ‘em up
So I dare any of these big niggas to try they luck
When I met my nigga Rell, told him you gon’ ride or what?
It’s Redlyfe
Said of course he gon’ ride with us
Now we got the whole team here
And the whole squad hotter than a fucking beach chair
I’m a beast, yeah
Put me on a fucking leash, yeah
I grind 365, including every leap year
Fuck these niggas thought?
Ain’t nothing ‘bout me sweet, I’m from grimy ass New York
Brooklyn is the borough where everything thorough
I don’t do it for the rich, nah I do it for my ghetto
Listen, let me tell you
I’m so disrespectful
Any nigga I would step to, my lil niggas flex too
Pull that thing out, cock it back, it check you
Including who you next to, your mans could get stretched too
A lot of niggas hate me
Cause they bitch either want to date me or rape me
In between my legs is where your bitch face be
I disrespect hoes, even on a Drake beat, get it?
I was always taught never sweat a bitch
If that bitch acting up, go get a better bitch
And I was always taught never fear man
When it was time for me to fight I had to throw them hands
And leave that motherfucker where he stand
He acting up, I’m strapping up and send him to the man
I ain’t no killer but don’t push me
If these niggas got a problem
I’m in Brooklyn, tell ‘em look for me
I spit that ether
Had the streets waiting, now it’s time for me to feed them
Mixtape dropping, just us, no features
We don’t need niggas, them niggas need us
My gun cold-hearted, that bitch’ll make you freeze up
I call my gun my bitch and she love it when I squeeze her
Hoes down, G’s up, B’s up, we up
Broke niggas envy me cause I got my green up
I salute you if you hustle
Get it how you get it, cause nobody wants to struggle
Life gets rough, like a ruffle it’s a tough old
So keep your legs closed and don’t let it fuck you
Real shit
Man this game don’t love you
Cause when you getting money lot of niggas wanna touch you
I got trust issues, but only cause I want to
Cause even if I know you I don’t trust you, fuck you
Only god I look up to
And only my shit I bump to
Cause these rappers man, why the fuck they got a deal
They ain’t saying nothing real
And they punchlines suck too
I guess the game’s changing
But fuck it, I’m coming in that bitch and rearranging
My squad dangerous, pull it out, aim it
Bang it, leave a motherfucker head brainless
I’m a cool nigga
Always on that same shit
I fuck straight girls then I have ‘em on some gay shit
Pussy ass dykes, always on some hate shit
‘Til I spray shit that’ll put ‘em on they face quick
Yeah I eat the pussy and, yeah I love the pussy and
Yeah I got a pussy but never been a pussy
I’m just preparing for the summer
And the moral of this shit is that I’m back motherfucker

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