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Ether (Freestyle) Lyrics

Young M.A – Ether (Freestyle) Lyrics

The beast has awoken, these niggas provoked me
The way these dykes hate me you would swear that they know me
It's crazy, but so am I so keep an open eye
Fuck the mic, cause I would kill a dyke and call it homo-cide, fucked her
You'll get punk'd like Rucker
That four-five spark like lightning but bark like thunder
Y'all rap niggas full of shit and I'm that plumber
Told your bitch come and eat this dick up like supper
I got a couple of drummers that'll pop that trunk up
And serve all you hatin' ass niggas like lunch trucks
I'm a king, this crown fit me perfect
I earned that title, I worked hard, that's why I deserve it
For 12 years tryna get behind from those curtains
I was gay for a reason, I believe this was my purpose
These niggas is nervous, toughen up, get out your purses
I'm angry, they tryna tell me I should limit my curses, nah
I spit that ether, I sip that demon, yo Tweety
Roll that reefer and spark that weed up
My haters increasing, my money increasing
I'm that tatted motherfucker that be humping your nieces
We, party all week and work on the weekend
Obey laws, man we runnin' lights, dipping and speeding
I'm 23, I'm living life, no longer dreaming
I was depressed, popping pills, now I no longer need 'em
You know my style, four braids, gold grill, and a beater
I fuck with your soul like ether, snapback and some sneakers
5K for a feature, call Jason to reach us
Fuck this bitch in the bleachers, she the twin of Aaliyah
Hair long like Selena, but her name is Katrina
Ass fat like Serena, set it off like Latifah
Shit the bitches you be fucking, they look like Felicia
I bring that raw shit, I'm a problem
You put the love in hip hop like Stevie and Jocelyn
My niggas is banging them hammers like sorry your honor
Serving that ganja, cooking Madonna like Benihanas
If they ain't beside us then they behind us
We ahead, and I can get that from your mama
I fuck with your soul like ether, throw it back like a beeper
Go deeper and deeper, bust a nut then I leave her
They been sleeping on the kid for a while
It's crazy, it's more people reaching out out of town
Don't get me wrong, I know the Brook forever holding me down
But where's promoters from my city? I don't see them around
Where they at? the people saying I'm bringing hip hop back
They fiending, arms itching cause I spit that crack
They need it, like an alcoholic needing his Jack
I think these niggas is afraid to see a dyke on the map
I'm disrespectful, yeah I might have your wife on my lap
Or on her knees, now my Tommy boxers covered in mac
Lipstick, her ass feel like a big ass biscuit
I like 'em thim slick, when I hug her I grip it
This her ain't nothing new, I been lit like incense
A pretty ass dyke, got more hoes than Christmas
But don't get it confused, naw homie don't twist it
Cause this 32 will have 'em shook up like Bisquick
I don't always want to bring it to violence
So I'ma spit that real shit, you know, kick 'em some knowledge
RIP to all my niggas gone, moment of silence
Live every day like it's your last cause tomorrow ain't promised
Free all my niggas locked down, serving time in them boxes
To single mothers out working, putting checks in they pockets
To all the youth that graduated, now headed to college
To all the rappers out grinding, keep going, you got it
To all my gays struggling, still stuck in the closet
Just come out, be you, never try to disguise it
To all my trap niggas trapping, cooking and chopping
Watch for them snitch niggas ratting, giving names to the coppers
Do anything you want to do, you got plenty of options
I'm sending rappers to god, make 'em die from these bars
Tell 'em step to the kid, give a fuck who you are

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