Younglin records! Young Kyle! Lego!
[Hook x2:]
Alright, already the show goes on
All night, till the morning we dream so long
Anybody ever wonder, when they would see the sun up
Just remember when you come up
The show goes on!
[Verse 1:]
Have you ever had a dream, to be rapping in a studio
Working with my heroes 'nd my mentors
Shikaib, Dizzy 'nd Pharaoh
They taught me everything I know
Now I'm spitting rhymes everywhere I go
So here I go
Right now I'm down at the bottom
Looking straight up at the top
Wondering if the shit I'm going through is ever gonna stop
It's time for me to be myself right now
Have to stop being part of the crowd right now
Got to stop smoking Kush all the time right now
I've got to make my mom proud of me right now
Whenever she talks to me
She shouldn't have to shout
I should be the one that scream's
The show always goes on
I know I might do wrong everyday
But today I'm learning from my mistakes
I'm promising all of you today
That the new Young Kyle is here to stay
[Hook x2:]
[Verse 2:]
I was alone living in darkness
Getting out was the part I found the hardest
I learned something from that
I'm the farthest person from perfect
I know that nobody's perfect
The respect from my old friends
I didn't deserve it
Because I know I'm not worth it
I treated them like shit
No wonder they were always hurting
There are so many people I've hurt
Even the woman who gave me birth
Lately I've been treating her like dirt
I shouldn't be on the face of this earth
I'm glad Pharaoh was there to knock me back to my senses
You can say the old me's just resting
Naw he's gone forever nothing you say's gonna help it
Break out 'nd attack
Today I'm finally fighting back
I'm no longer gonna let Kush affect my life
I'm doing something in my life that I know is right
I can only express myself 'nd troubles when I rhyme
This is my life
I choose my path
My family 'nd mentors are the only people who got my back
[Hook x2:]
[Verse 3:]
I'm never gonna forget when I come up
I hate the fact that I smoked weed,
It hurt like a fresh cut
I'm screaming 'nd can't shut up
I'm no longer at the bottom
I'm rising to the top
Younglin records 'nd Nexgen the best things I got
The monster inside me's the only thing I hate
I'm never gonna be the same
I'm happy now
I'm finally fucking tamed
To all the niggas in the struggles
This is for you
I was just like you
'Nd I hated the shit I used to do
I no longer do that shit
I was a damn fool
I'm done with that shit
I'm finally through

[Hook x2:]
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The Show Goes On Lyrics

Young Kyle – The Show Goes On Lyrics

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