Yea buddy rollin like a big shot
Still same nigga who yo bitch got dick hot
Make my own beats nigga I am hip hop
Burner in the hand make my muthafuckin wrist hot
Discovery channel fly shit on the eagle
I don't give a fuck shit on yo ass like a seagle
Lets my nutt hang ears on a beagle
And the shit I msoke better not be legal
Big shit nigga max keeble
Life is just the fast lane and so I live like tivo
I aintmikey but you know I rock
And I nvr run in packs catch me in a flock
Swallow gulp yo down like yoshi
And when I make hits everybody wanna promote me
Big wheels like a plasma
I'm always bad for you like asthma
I got a question how come all I cut is slappers
And it's money over bitches with all even factors
I'm on top of my green like a tractor
Stickin to the script like a muthafucking actor
Get a lot of respect like a pastor
Poof be gone and ya bitch dissapear like caspor
Leave ya left behind like a god damn rapture
And I don't care what a nigga say I'm a bastard
Switch the game up nigga rapper backwards
And I dnt write scripts nigga I write chapters
And I'm the sickest and yu can ask the nurse
R.I.P to fucking young jayes verse like

I'm life of the party too short
Been rappin for some time and too me this a coo sport
I does what it do nigaa I do it do it
And I got bros if we ever get into it
It seems like everyone like my music
Make ya bitch fall in love like cupid
Fresher to death and I'm sharper then a toothpick
I'm ballin and yu niggas just can't juke it
I'm not fresh nigga I'm ruthless
I make hits nigga not just music
Cuttin some shit keepin tallies
We the best nigga dj khaled
Put yo bitch to work nigga ballies
I'm always good like fries from rallies
I get the party poppin like faze
Yu gets no where with ya songs like a maze
Dippin doin donuts and I aint tlkn glaze
Rollin like a big shot good livin in a big place
Big shot tinted windows black wheels
On my iPhone fucking cuttin mac deels
Hotter then a flame colder then the chills
Do yu noe how being strapped feels
See monster nigga spitting from a gill
Always on but I'm never sitting still
50 cent I still kill
My middle name is guap and I still bill
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Big Shot Lyrics

Young Jaye – Big Shot Lyrics