Y'all know this

Tryna make this money till I die
Gotta try to stay so fly
I'm just tryna get by
And open up my eyes
All I see are these lies
And don't nobody even try
To give a chance to this guy

Used to be the kid
The one that was afraid to sin
But that was back then
Gotta stay lit

I'm just tryna make a living
Tryna make a killin
Gettin' all this skrilla
My momma think I'm dealin'
Tryna get a million
And turn it to a billion
No niggas see my brilliance
I was sent here on a mission
To get by

Gotta get by
Gotta stay so fly
Open up your eyes
I'm not a normal guy
The truth is disguised
It's hid by these lies
Open up your eyes (x2)

[Verse 2:]
Everyone has those days
Where the world seems ablaze
Just listen to this little phrase
You will see better days

I haven't always been the kid
The one who doesn't give a shit
My mind is messed up like this
So I gotta pick up like this

Just get up on the mic and spit
It doesn't have to be a diss
See I don't want niggas being pissed
Just cause I said a little shit
On a track that just blew up
Maybe I'm just out of luck
C'mon Devon don't get stuck
In the same place that you've been
Ever since you were only 10
I don't wanna go through that again
So I just gotta get by
Open up your eyes nigga

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Open Your Eyes Lyrics

Young Devon – Open Your Eyes Lyrics

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