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Tre 073 Lyrics

Young Chop – Tre 073 Lyrics

[Hook: Young Chop](x2)
Roll up that dope
I fuck with tre that's that four
Can't go like no hoes
My little niggas let it blow

[Verse 1: Young Chop]
I'm with my uncle in that kitchen
I was thirteen watching him water whip it
Birds in pots up in the kitchen
Birds in pots up in the kitchen
He hit that block and then he flipped it
Twenty thousand in that kitchen
I seen that as a youngin nigga
I seen that as a youngin nigga
Stashing bricks in the ceiling
Dope fiends itching to get a hit of it
But you can catch me on that 73 doe
Throwing five up to my people

[Hook: Young Chop](x2)

[Verse 2: Lil' Dave]
Roll up that dope ya let's smoke
My niggas trying to blow they gon' blow
We ain't shooting on no corners run up close
So at your funeral your casket closed
Ya my niggas in the kitchen whipping up them things
Running through a check and now these niggas want to hang
If you disrespect then I put this tec to your brain
Then it's back to the shit I do every damn day
73 be the shit ya that's chop squad
Pull up in that whip ya them foreign cars
Hold up, we done glo'd up and we poured up now we finna roll up

[Hook: Young Chop]
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