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Finer Things Lyrics

Young Chop – Finer Things Lyrics

[Hook: Lil Herb]
I want the finer things
I wanna ride foreign cars and rock designer jeans
I wanna see my whole squad on the top with me
Straight from the block with me
Money is everything, money is everything
Bitches don't mean shit to me
Give a fuck 'bout nothin' but countin' these hundreds
Don't show no sympathy
Y'all niggas gettin' money and your team ain't stuntin'
That don't make sense to me
Money is everything
I want the finer things, foreigns and designer jeans

[Verse 1: Lil Herb]
I prefer the finer things, I've been sayin' I wanna go so much
Tryna work, she ain't got no time for me
Look at her with a smirk like
"Bitch you nuts, you weren't on the grind with me
Now you just wanna shine with me
I ain't got no time for you, that's why you ain't got no time for me"
Bitch just last year I was dead-ass broke
Spittin' all these rhymes for free
You wasn't on me then
Now I'm countin' these bands, hoes wanna spend time with me
Mama told me son when you get up, hoes gon' come after me
But bitches don't mean shit to me
Got a fuck bro just to get to me

[Hook: Lil Herb]

[Verse 2: Lil Herb]
I can't show no sympathy
Spendin' all this guap, buy lil' bro a Glock to kill all my enemies
And I know you heard when them M's come through
There go them frenemies, them niggas can't even get near me
Unless you was in the field with me
And niggas wasn't out here in the field with me
My niggas 100, I love my squad cause I know they gon' kill for me
And when I die, let them hatin' ass niggas come through
Cause I know they gon' feel for me
And my hoes get a kiss
Cause they know they'll never meet a nigga as real as me
I'm the youngest and the realest and the hottest
With a style these niggas tryna steal from me, huh?

[Hook: Lil Herb]
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