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All I Got Lyrics

Young Chop – All I Got Lyrics

[Hook: Young Chop] x8
All I got, all I got
This money and music that's all I got

[Verse 1: Young Chop]
All I got, all I got, is this fifty and this mac
All I got, all I got is them shooters up in the back
All I got, nigga wanna take my chain, that's a wrap
All I got, pop a nigga, young berg, I take it back
All I got, niggas hating on the kid
All I got, these bitch ass niggas picking wigs
All I got, y'all niggas talk a lot of shit
All I got, I got this thirty with this beam, ho
I got this 4-5 with extendo
Blow a nigga like Nintendo (Cartridges)
I got the forty with that beam ho


[Verse 2: Fat Trel]
All I got, is this hunnid' clip and this mop
All I got, is some bitches beggin' for top
All I got, my True Religion pocket squad
All I got, Maybach Music, we make a lot
That's all I got, you try to take my chain it's a wrap
We bustin' shots, my young nigga gon' set up shop
I'll bust a block, my migo bitch in California grow the pot
They askin' question like the cops, ho
I got this chopper out the window, a Swisher filled with endo
I blow that at your kinfolk, grrra, at your kinfolk

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