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What It Iz Lyrics

Young Capone – What It Iz Lyrics

(feat. Nitti)

Ay this a Nitti Beat, that's right, coming live from Ghettoville usa once again (Uh Oh) but this time tho, I have to introduce to the world, my lil nigga Young Capone (what's his name) Oh yeah, this my real lil nigga right? (wow) hey hey, This time tho we gon give yall somethin new once again, and we doin, what we do.

What it do my nigga what it is, you aint gettin money like this here, I give a fuck how a playa hater feel imma ball imma live how I live Pop this pill, drink this beer smoke this cush nigga rep this here keep that steel, stack a couple mills, So So Def nigga that's what it is

[Verse 1:]
What it do my nigga what's good? Young C got money in the hood, switchin these lanes, grippin this wood, I can't lie man the shit feels good, Whippin these whips, making these flips, stackin these chips, pistol on my hip, cuttin' off rip, living like a star, 26 inches sittin tall on the car, haze in the gar' pistol on my lap, mp Click I'm bout' to put it on the map, the boy stay strapped, cuz niggas gon' hate, when I hit the scene Red Monkey wit the Apes, I'm Stuntin' like a boss, the boy gon' floss, 22 grand on a big boy cross, I'm spendin' like a vet, I'm reppin for the set, I smoke a lot of cush, I cash a lot of checks, what's next?

[Hook x1]

[Verse 2:]
Back to the block, chasin' this dough, bustin' these hoes', sellin' these O's, Hoppin' out the S wit the 4-54, 24 inches sittin tall like Whoa!! Evrybody know Young C got cake, Rap or the Trap muthafucker I'm straight, broke niggaz hate, The hood hoes choose, yellow and blue ice scattered all across the jewels, yo' boy got loot, and he iced out, shine anywhere lights on lights out, I'll take a nigga bitch, lights off Pipes out, I'll hit it from the back lights on smash out, Young C got clout, Shawty don't play, he straight from the block, coming straight from the "A", I do it everyday, I kick it like Judo, space age pimpin' I'll take a nigga to pluto...

[Hook x1]

[Verse 3:]
I do it for the streets, the boy wit the work, 22 inches on the 72' Vert, Down in the "A", dem boys don't play, they post on the block wit' the purp or the yay, I mean we do it evryday, the shit don't stop, live from the block fuck the haters and the cops, the hoes gon' jock, them niggas gon' knock, You run up on the god catch a slug from the Glock, you a muthafuckin fool, I keep one in the head, when I'm in the club, nigga when I'm in the bed, the boy gettin' bread, and that's what it is, I represent the Dec bitch that's where I live...

[Hook x1]

I told ya'll muthafuckers Nitti don't stop man, Young Capone, we got em, jd man these niggas better stop playin wit' us man I told these niggas I'm a muthafuckin beast on these tracks man, I'm for real, Nitti beats all day get you one nigga, 50 Stacks
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