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Purse First Lyrics

Young Buck – Purse First Lyrics

Yeah, what's up girl
Both of us tryin' to hit the spot
Shit, we both can do it
Where I come from
Uh huh, uh huh niggas be hustles
Niggas put it down
It's purse first ass last

Let's get this money baby
Girl tell me now is you with me
As long as you pay me
We split the profits fifty, fifty
I call you my lady
If you surrender then I'm your nigga
Become of member
Of what I call my money getters
Now, ain't no bullshitters ever made it far in life
Only the hard hitters get foriegn cars and all the ice
Turn off the light
Let me show you what this nigga 'bout
You lookin' right
But my money still I gotta count
It ain't no love lost
Baby girl my love cost
Let me get that out ya
You know this nigga love to floss
Both of us can ball bitch
Soon you'll have of this
I know you know the rules
I get paid that mean we all rich
Ten niggas want pussy
That mean you let 'em all hit
Make my money, make it quick
Then you better call me bitch
Look toward the future
Forget about the past
Better act like ya know
It's purse first and ass last

Bitch it's purse first and ass last
Now how you livin' ho
We both can get this damn cash
I know ya heard me bitch
It's purse first and ass last
Now how you livin' ho
We both can get this damn cash
I ain't no pimp but
It's purse first and ass last
Now how you livin' ho
We both can get this damn cash
I know ya heard me bitch
It's purse first and ass last
Now how you livin' bitch
We both can get this damn cash
I know ya heard me uh uh

Nigga when the goin' gets tough
The hoin' gets fluff
You showin' shit stuff
Gotta go an get tough
In there fuckin' for free
You duckin' and pee suckin' that dee
Less than three then you can't be fuckin' for me
Jobbin' and shuckin' a G
Got the game all crossed crissed
Fucked around and be done lost this
Bitches gettin' tossed this
Yourself as my main ho
Pussy slangin' bed pro
You ain't got no money
Nigga what the fuck you ask for head fo'
Why, because I said so
Don't make me let that lead go
Better head yo ass back up in them hills
Like fuckin' Jethro
We down in the field posted up
Pourin' Cristal toasted up
If niggas got figures
Take 'em to the telly bitch you posed to fuck
Take it off bitch
Now look at me workin' wood wheel
Sit back and see how the benefits of twerkin' could feel
But being first born we curse worst than yo past
That ho fast ass cuz it's purse first and ass last

Now tell them broads carry on
Sippin' on Dom Pérignon
Who me, maybe Corleone
Call me lil' mobster
Feedin' them lobsters
Countin' mills with my Cuban partners
Ninety-nine percent p-i-m-p
Purse first, that's the slogan when you rollin' with me
Game recognize game
Soon as you you try, who you paid
I'm a smart dove
So you lucky to get some love
What it is and what it was
So keep that shit up on the cuz
I floss endless
You gettin' tempted cuz I'm pimpalicious
Girlfriends wanna hit this
Now you aimin' for my riches
We roll Swishers
Light up trees like it was Christmas
Splitalicious, now you can be my broad if you with this
As you can see girl I don't really need you
Keep them girls for the money
Show you the baller preview
Keep yo eyes open
Broads read niggas like they see through
Throw 'em a couple g's
They wanna be with you
The way I play my cards
Show 'em the ice like I'm a superstar
See where they comin' at
And keep 'em away from that
Platinum coated diamonds
Show the pump where I'm livin' at
Now is you with it
You ain't a playa you nigga
You a nigga with money tryin' to fake friend ya picture
Now how you gon' play the bower a tia for that money richer
And when you call ya broad that bitch don't even come up with ya
All up in another nigga's crib but she done fuckin' with ya
Now see I start 'em up
And then I hit 'em up
Switch 'em up and dish 'em up
And let my niggas hit 'em up


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