Ha-Ha-Ha, Yeah it's lil dj, young blunt (Aza) & our girl nycole valentina
All I wanna see is you breathe me in, if you don't like me then breathe me out ha-Ha-Ha (Come on!)


Lil dj's verse-
Now breathe me in girl, I hate the way I hurt you every night
But it makes me happier when I see the stars in your eyes
Your the only girl that's there for me with out cheating and going out finding a new boyfriend
I just want you to stay with me and I just wanna hold you and keep you warm till the world ends

And that's the truth, I do love you girl
I know I tell you this a lot but you are my world
Your the only one that's there for me, And your the only one I wanna be with
You know you like & love the sound of my pitch
Just breathe me in then blow me out
I know you like & love the tone of my sound (Like!)


Young Blunt's verse- (Yo-Yo-Yo)

I just want to breathe when I'm sitting here next to you
Do anything that you want to do
I know you love me and you know I love you too
I'll never do anything to hurt you
Somtimes I do act like I'm a statue
Take you on the mountain so we both could get a good view at are lifes
And see how it's passing us by
I just want to be in one relationship with out telling no lies

And I new I shouldn't do it from the start
And that's when I said Fuck it, dicide to give nikki my whole heart
And that's when our love just feel apart
Gotta be strong, Gotta be smart, Gotta understand that you wasent the one I'm done
With this love S***
Lets just both move on, You move on strong And I'll move on with my songs



Young Blunt's verse-
Get high so high, your so fly
Take you high up in the sky, Show you around
Your that kinda chick that disservs a Crown, Not a Frown, Always talking about
All these Chicks that I'm always around but when I'm always around you I never make no sound
(Its cause)
When I'm always around you it seems like your always moving your damn mouth
But I still-

Lil dj's verse-

Love you girl, yes I do
I love you so much you've always been my boo
You been saying you love me more witch I've already knew
I already knew everything that you been saying to me & hurting me & makeing me cry everynight
But then after words you said everything that you said
Baby boy don't cry, It's gonna be alright, Everything that I been saying it's all been lies
For the stuff that you wanted to cry over while it's hurting deep inside.

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Breathe Me In Lyrics

Young Blunt – Breathe Me In Lyrics

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