Flip it wicked when I kick it, yes I can, Tip told it

Stick it split, second rip it listen how I'm mold it

Lady you catch the notion of the potion

Savor, the flavor, cause it's smooth like lotion

Cool keep it flowin on the level of this speech

To play a war game, is somethin from the street

You see how I said it, now how is it is said?

Do it backwards so I can eff up your head

Hey you're up and, can I so backwards it do

Said it wasn't hell now, said that I ha think you

Street the from somethin is game war I play to

Speech the uh level that I'm flowin keep it cool

Lotion like smooth it's cause flavor, to savor

Potion the uh notion to catch you later

Mold it I had listen rip it second split, stick it told it

Tip can I guess kick it I when wicked flip it
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Back For Your Head Lyrics

Young Black Teenagers – Back For Your Head Lyrics