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Mother's Only Son Lyrics

Yonder Mountain String Band – Mother's Only Son Lyrics

I am my mother's only son
And you might think that I'd regret the things I've done
But I can only think of one right now
You and I both know the reason why you've turned your gun on me

I'm rarely held in high regard
And most folks don't seem to trust me very far
But I can promise you one thing
I would've turned my back and walked away if she had worn a ring

Please don't put your bullets in me
Please don't bury me neath the cold, cold ground
You and I alone will know the truth of what went on
And you will never see my face again in town

Most nights I go to bed alone
And there's no place on this earth that I'd call home
And I admit I have a roving
But I'm not the only man who turned to look when she walked by

I don't expect to buy much time
But I need to find a way to change your mind
And to convince you that I couldn't know
She wore no ring upon her hand to mark the vows that she had spoken

[ Chorus - "So I'm beggin' you..." ]

I swear the whole world must be blind
If I'm the first man to see murder in your eyes
How fitting now the wind is turning cold
And with my dying breath I curse your life, I curse your very soul

[ Chorus ]
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