[Verse 1:]
Presentation's everything come check out my display
It's food for thought that I've learned to so easily fillet
I'm scheduling December while yo' calendars in may
Cause I'm pure with flow, like Ray Allen with the trey
I feel a cult following behind me shit is scary
Cause now they don't just listen I can feel they really hear me
Whispering my name around the nation, Bloody Mary
Through this music I can see my own future shit is eerie
Life is full of pain, pain is full of power
And struggle makes you stronger that's why struggles not for cowards
I said life is full of pain, pain is full of power
And struggle makes you stronger I been strugglin' for hours
I've been strugglin for weeks, been strugglin for years
But I turn it in to music you could bump it while you steer
Bump this while you sleep, and bump it while you grind
So I guess what I'm sayin', you should bump it all the time all the time cause...

[Chorus: x2]
Y'all know, my name
And yes I know you feel me, and my pain, cause we're the same
I keep it honest just like everybody should
Just let me in your heart and I shall be in there for good

[Verse 2:]
In case you didn't know just what my name is
My name is Yonas pretty soon I will be famous
I dropped a song called mindless and y'all embraced it
Cause I think at heart we know most the world is brainless
I be on that new new, they be on that old old
If I had a deuce deuce I' would shoot the po-po
But I keep it peaceful, luckily for those folks
I just gas girls my game sponsored by Sunoco
Don't mind me girl my aura's so trill
I'm on a magic journey no borders just trails
I'm speaking to your heart, so cordial and for real
And once you're guilty of my love in my court there's no appeal
Ready set go, I travel mega heights
I'm destined for the stage that's equipped with mega lights
The only alpha in the field that's tryna save your life
As I race for number the real "Talladega Nights" Aight...
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Y'all Know Lyrics

Yonas – Y'all Know Lyrics