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My Love Lyrics

YNW Melly – My Love Lyrics

Oh, do you love
Bae do you love me?
I know that you know you're gonna, oh please
You did what I said
I'm like, dammit, you did what I said
My love, my love, my love, my love, my love, my love, ohh
Ohh, my love
My, my, my baby told me that she want some ice

[Verse 1]
Ohh, ohh, ohh
Ooh, girl, you know that you rock my world
You know that these other lil' hoes ain' got shit on you, I know
'Cause I never-ever-ever cuff on the low
Baby, please guide me
Won't you be, just be my wifey
I don't like when you just type me
Things tightening, let me tell you my love

Ohh, my love, I love, ohh, my love
Oh, my love, hah, oh, my love, my love

[Verse 2]
My baby is drivin' me brazy
Oh, lord, cannot replace you
That pussy good I can't even lie
That pussy poppin' just like fourth of July
Ah, ah, and I wonder why, I wonder why
When I look in the sky I think of everything you did for me
And I try not to look inside other eyes
These other bitches on my dick and I try not to lie
But they be so damn fucking thick that I just gotta smash
Givenchy, 'seppe, and I even bought a Louis tag

Wit' yo' fine ass, just like a wine glass
Owhoo, wow, wah, ohh
Oh, my love, my baby, oh, my love, I never meant to be mean
Oh, oh, please, oohwowoah, wah, whatcha eve-
Oh, damn, yeah, ahh got too much to count, mhm, mhm, damn
And once you eat the peach, it's like some cold spam
And where was you when I was in my program?

Oh, my love, no-one above could ever take me from you
Oh, my love, there is nothing that for you I wouldn't do
Oh, my love, my darling

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