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Halftime Lyrics

Ying Yang Twins – Halftime Lyrics

[intro: ying yang twins]
Okay, Okay, Okay, Ahhh
Hey I'm tryin to get crunk
See 'em

[Chours: ying yang twins]
Tell 'em how we goin come(Crunk)
Tell 'em why they don't want none(Crunk)
Tell 'em why they better run(Crunk)
Crunk crunk crunk
Stand up and get crunk(Crunk)
Stand up aand get crunk(Crunk)

[Hook: Ying Yang twins]
Here we come to get you (you better get crunk)
Here we come to get you (a little bit more crunk)
Here we come to get you (you better get crunk)
Here we come to get you (a little bit more crunk)

[Verse 1: Ying Yang Twins]
Crank it up, that's what we gonna do
Crank you up, me and my brother we came to get crunk
We won't stop (nope) we keep on coming cause
We won't quit, that's why we keep bringin hits

[Verse 2: Ying Yang Twins]
We droppin' everything you poppin'
From the Ying Yang Twins again
To make your adrenaline, pump right on through your skin
And make that crunk again (crunk)
In Two thou. They was'nt playin' our deal
But we came on back, cause we needed to win
We jumped out like a jack and a russel
Like I added with a fag doing sack in my sock



[Talking: Ying Yang Tiwns]
Okay Okay Okay Okay
Ladies and Gentlemen
If you haven't had enough
You better hide yo' lunch
Cause we bout to eat that ass up

[Ying Yang Twins]
Crunk crunk crunk crunk
Crunk crunk crunk crunk
Eat they ass up (Oh!) x8
Okay Okay Okay Okay
Stand up and get crunk
Stand up and get crunk


[Verse 3: Homebwoi]
People all over the world jump
Everybody in the bleachers get crunk
Listen here buddy this ain't what you want
Blue fifty-two, break, duck
Dy go left while I'm fakin' the K
When I'm done you gonna remember my name
It's H-O-M-E Bwoi
Look I'm Homebwoi
Now that I'm up in my zone boy
Pack up I'm sendin' you home boy
Take you up outta the dome boy
If you did'nt know you should of known boy
Should've thought about changin your tone boy
Better not let us catch you alone boy
Crack heads like we made of stone boy
When we come out you better be gone boy


[Hook:] nd get crunk(Crunk)
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