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Big Nutz Lyrics

Yelawolf – Big Nutz Lyrics

I got nutz on the mike you can hear it on stereo
See on the palm from mother fucking I'm teary oh
Beast to en cherry oh, balance is from the swinging roll
There it goes catch the speed and make them all who stereo
Got em dizzy and really get it like Mary Joe
Round with the... That battle is packing in every show
Yeah I sound like a savage... Can let it flow
You ain't a big foot you just to get it though
Bet your mamas smoking who plus with the... Rose
Ain't you gonna start but you got a pair of dough
But who's to drop in there's no...

Got a lot of juice, big crops
Running over mother fuckers see the big truck
Looking dead in the face bitch roll
Big nutz yeah, big nutz yeah
Big nutz yeah, big nutz yeah
Big nutz
Slapping the shit out the biggest mother fucker in the room
Disrespecting my family I got big nutz
Got a lot of juice yeah, big crops
Big... , big nutz yeah

So people wanna buy... Talk shit I get slow, fuck your way
Everybody thinks that I got... And I walk around like... What your name
Pull out the iPhone make it forward in a few make it... Soldier game
Acting me by a rap what... What's my lane
Won't be the snap back my... That quick I'm fucking crazy
If I gotta keep go man like a grow man I feel such a baby
Get to cross and I have the best 'cause I feel suffocated
You say run it out mouth 'cause I got your body... Pop your place
Say yellow what's the lane,
Ain't shit with the gas price 'cause I steal it in the bad life
With my own lane and I'm doing on fuck your name
It's a game that a minute game and I wanna fuck 'cause I'm lot to play
Dude fucking hey and I know you got to hate

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