im bond wit da family
always is the faddish
ain't never worried
bought my bitches new gold earings*2
[verse 1]
im sippin' on a soda just a high set
i never wanna call her when she don't want sex
i said jack sparrow like a pirate
i ain't fuckin' perfect just like pink said
get you on a trap zone
the bitches just like trapezium
my shoot' wit geese on podium
and then i fuck that indian
blow well boy no medium
after i can hate you
jap spa wit naruto am down too
yela is a tempest y'all get blast
lane like a rocket and it's too fast
heavy gold chain just wealthy mass
and to lovers and not 'em fancy yeah 'em fancy
[verse 2]
imma get that shit till a hundred
said i pop that chick wit all my money
sailin' wit a captain's jeep no jeopardy
hoes i built edifix and no niggas streaky
hurry time to get down no end as the music playin'
you'll tryna tell her quick but you can't say it
i mean my way is trace and already walkin'
the day i'll die but first imma get godly
and so im burnin' up flame
them niggas gettin' up damn
y'all tryna dirty my name
and gun shit bang bang bang
your time reload
im on the sage mode
fashion idol
and like playin' ghost reccon
doin' my eager
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Always Lyrics

Yela Flame – Always Lyrics

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