For the lost desire, the star of once been higher
Light the face of dead worlds, forever in my heart

For the lost Elysion

Rivers of red run through the land
Cover the ruins of once golden past
When starlight was strong and I did belong
To the almighty light

Burned are the homes where dreams could be born
The whispers of hope, into hate they are torn
Letters to fate, tears like a blade
Wisdom of Shar-Ilya

For the lost desire...

Secrets are lost, arbors are crossed
The doors of this house will forever be closed
Nothing remains, all full of stains
The colours are fading away

This world full of fear, of lies in my ears
This peace is so false, only greed is sincere
Oh how I wish to be once released
But nothing will turn back time

For the lost desire...

Born from grace and silence, blissful sound of sirens
For the lost Elysion can never be found again

Silence fell down, broken the crown
Now it will never be anyone's own
In this weary world, it's cruelty unfurled
Frozen until we die

Trying to hold a piece of this gold
Back in my heart till it all will be sold
So I hold the key to open and see
The world behind the lies

I can almost create the picture before my eyes again
But most of it has been washed away for years
Gone for being able to live in this world
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The Lost Elysion Lyrics

Xandria – The Lost Elysion Lyrics