Give me love, give me love...

They say that time is forgiving
But I've always been lost
‘Cause there's no salvation given
Over these walls I put up

I know I've spent my life
Running away from me
Got too much on my mind
And you say I'm insane
But I like to learn the hard way

It goes on and on…

I keep my head up
Keep it right above the waves
Sometimes I go under
In these oceans that I've made

Guess that's what you get
When you get no love
Gotta be strong
Ain't nobody home
There's no going back where I come from
I need help, I need help
But I won't ask
That's vulnerable
'Cause I got too much on my mind
That's the hard way
It goes on and on...
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The Hard Way Lyrics

Wynter Gordon – The Hard Way Lyrics