There in the pale moonlight
That's where you and I were walking
I said? Looking in your eyes
I'm feeling like the sky is falling
You said you gotta be free
But love like this is everlasting
I said? I gotta be me
But I move my feet and nothing happens

True love is a funny thing
'cause no one else does what you do to me


I'm chasing my tail...spinning my wheels
I got your heart hot on my heels
I'm all dressed up...but I swear
Without your love? I'm going nowhere
Fast or slow
You can say I told you so
I've done that...i've been there
But without your love...I'm going nowhere

Time I've got a lot of that
Day and night baby I been thinking
How soon do I want you back
Sooner than you can say you need me

True love is a funny thing
'cause no one else does what you do to me

(repeat chorus)

Oh, what you do to me
I just can't get away from what used to be
Your love is all I can dream about
Oh, baby you got my head spinning 'round

(repeat chorus twice)
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Going Nowhere Lyrics

Wynonna Judd – Going Nowhere Lyrics

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