Machingun rap for all my niggaz in the back stay the impacket chang yo nigga your fucking bitch yo fuck you in your arsehole. Wu -tang clan is the best rap in the world yo changyou "2Pac Cappa donna are our greatestfuckerpeace for the chang in myarseholechang is a god deam mother fucker. It'syours come on come on wu-wear yo nigga: method man ol'dirty rza gza inspector Deck goshtface killer masta killerand co. Cang chang changchang oldirty chinaface yovitnam............ Brьrlps chang chang: It's yours......... Com on comonthe End

- whoever posted the lyrics to this song is a dumbass... I'm talking a big dumbass... You should dig a small hole in the floor and bury yourself in it because you're a dumbass.
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It's Yours Lyrics

Wu-Tang Clan – It's Yours Lyrics