Intro: (Ol' Dirty Bastard)
Hooooo! Heeeeyyyyy! Heeee Haaaaaaa! Hooooooooo!
She blew in like corn breeze
Tall, brown skin, her weave like palm trees
I wear cocouts
Dip my dunk in between your donuts
Don't want it if it aint no s***, bitch!
Father said touch ground
Like playin' Snoop
Don't invite me, I tear the fuck down
White boys cut my toupee
Seven-day resta, on screenplay
I smoke mcs, slay
Aint nutten to bus' ass
Bullet him, get 'I'm fast!
Bitch, I don't break out
Pass to the next grass
The dog piss on mcs like trees
Got mill's but still grill that ol' good welfare cheese
Hooooo! (etc.)
Shame on a nuh!
Who try to step tuh
The Ol' Dirty Bast', put my foot up your uh!
Bitch, you walk around with you bra too tight
's alright, you still gon' get fucked tonight
(Method Man: Stinkin' ass ho!)
You're the type of bitch, don't appreciate shit
Never had shit, so you won't be shit
That pussy there couldn't satisfy a hair on my body
Treat me like a Lord, and slobber me down
(slurp, slurrrrrp)
Doo-doo brown!
Tossed salad!
Aww, you on some shit now
Callin me a dog, well leave a dog alone
Cause nuthin can stop me from buryin' my bone
In the back yard of someone else's house
Ol' Dirt Dog, but I'm not dogged out
Here comes Rover, sniffin' at your ass
But pardon me bitch, as I shit on your grass
That means ho, you been shitted on
I'm not the first dog that shitted on your lawn!
Hoooooooo! (etc. Out)
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Dog Sh*t Lyrics

Wu-Tang Clan – Dog Sh*t Lyrics

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