They wanna see me down,
They wanna see me fold,
They wanna see me deeeaaaddd,
I aint gonna stop to they kill me.
I aint gonna stop till they kill me eeeee.
I aint gonna stop till itz ova,ova,ova ova,ova,ova
Cuz i aint gonna stop till itz ova,ova,ova
Pops just steppd in step dad spazzed out till
I got older n his brains got blown out,
Brother got locked up, so i had to hold it down,
I became the man in the crib, taht shit turned me out,
Sista got rapped niggaz knew it aint do nuffn,
Her baypop bitchin, SHIZZ DONT DO NUFFN,
I grabbed that 40 man
Fuck i gotta do somethin,this nigga bitchin,
After that tears comin from ma eyes,
N i kno im goin crazy now, i talked to Quack
Older cuzin Tryed to calm me down,
It didnt work so i went to lay them niggaz out
These niggaz missin,
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OVA Lyrics

Wreck Chase Shizz – OVA Lyrics

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