Let him dream on his golden shield
Let Maxen Dream
The Lord of Lords, the King of Kings
So in dream he can follow the river
Rising on the highest mountain
Until the town
Of the thousands towers

When a ship made of gold
Is waiting to sail far away
To a wonderful insland
To a strange castle
Le him open that gate
So he will be in a great hall
Full of light
In this light he'll find
The shiniest jewel

Her beauty he saw in a dream,
Sad sleepless nights
But the time to awake has arrived
Then he'll walk the road
He saw in his dream
To reach his love
And his doom

The twilight of a world
Now has just begun
Let him open his eyes
Mighty lord
In your hand
The broken sword of doom
In a dream you saw you've won
Just till the morning comes

Dream, dream
The deeds undone
But reality will come

Dream, dream
Your glorious days
Your empire a memory in a song
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The Dream Of Maxen Lyrics

Wotan – The Dream Of Maxen Lyrics