I'm holding the wings
Of the people so dear
I'm amazed that they call me
With drops of their tears
The days that were lovely
I remember so clear
I hear memories they call me
Of people so near
Like a heart to an arrow
Like a cry in the night
I hear memories call me tonight
Goodbye, please don't cry
Oh no, I know that if we try
We'll meet in the end
In heaven...my friend
Are the lights going down
Is the room turning slow
Do the voices I hear come from
Down, down, down below
The people of bliss
I hear them cry in the night
They say ooooh...ooooh...ooooh
It feels so right
I say
World On Edge:
Rob Meyer
Steph Thompson
Peter Hopkins
Jon Daniels
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Goodbye Lyrics

World On Edge – Goodbye Lyrics