I see the shadow of a man
Is this the boy I used to know?
The only thing that never changed
Is his reflection in the snow

Growing up with al those dreams
The world around him had to let him go
Because they couldn’t understand
So they just left him all alone

Why don’t you see me?

You gave me love for Christmas
And showed
That I
Can be
Your man
Who loves
You back
And understands
As much
I can
I am
Your man

Decision making out of fear
No one wanted to get near
I learned they’re all afraid of love
Ignoring forces from above

Uncoloured as shadows can be
I turned to you who made me see
That I just stood up for my rights
You turned the snow from black to white

Now I see me
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You Gave Me Love For Christmas Lyrics

World Of Sin – You Gave Me Love For Christmas Lyrics

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