Like blindfolded, we're still unaware
This elucidation still elided
Unpercieved, deriving from us
Derision arises in dissimulation

No ray of light in the distance
A movement without a sound
Shifting thoughts in your head
Breaking down your static sense

Open your eyes, hold your breath
Truth like a distancing effect
On second thought this dream will end
Our postmodern world expiring today

Outrun by an incomplete social malfunction
Soon to negate our imaginary wisdom
The shortest distance is none
Falling earthwards, intraday deriliction

Not confined onto the smallest matter of mind
A single thought not to be deprived
Now you yourself are becoming a deity
The next step is done, a new era befalling

Rapidly disintegrate...
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On Second Thought Lyrics

Words Of Farewell – On Second Thought Lyrics