Sippin' on the drank, sippin' on the drank
Sippin' on the drank, sippin' on the drank
All about the mula, all about the mula
Word to the bird, I ain't never take her fur shoppin'
Runnin' through them keys way before Khaled
Runnin' with the pushas way before Malice
Word to the five, I'm the one like four minus
Caught her off the rebound, Ben Wallace, gave her four dollars

[Verse 1 : Woods, the Mighty]

You know we coming for the top though
You know we coming for that guap though

When I get to cooking I just don't know when to stop though
Don't you send me nothing I ain't fucking with that compost

I ain't seen my friends in six months
(6, 6)
Pretty sure they thinking that I switched up
When you hear this hit me, we should link up
Sorry ain't around I'm just tryna get some things done

I been
I been
Look like a chef though
When I get to spitting I just feel like I'm the best though
I get in my zone and I don't even see the refs though
Tunnel vision to these hoes
And You can keep the leftovers...

Aye, Aye
Welcome to the show
I just think
That I been thinking
I'm gonna go pro
Aye, Aye
I said
Welcome to the show
Even my lil bro recording
Know imma "Go Pro"

Look out for that album
I been working like I'm getting paid
I ain't getting paid
But my way
That shit getting paved
I been bringing bangers
Out the closet
Like they fucking gay
You been bringing weak shit
Gettin' bodied
7 days

Pump- Pump- Pump it up
She got a good head on her but I pump it up
She want that "OO" all up on her letterman
Said she new man but I'm not the one


I just- I just- I just- I just know that I'm going far
I just take my life day by day
There Ain't no tomorrow
But tomorrow I might have a kid so I'm going hard
Imma be Ali Babwa
You be Lord Jafar

I don't really
Really fuck with this world tho
All I really got is my work and my girl though
And my girl though...
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No Shopping (Remix) Lyrics

Woods, The Mighty – No Shopping (Remix) Lyrics

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