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Hindsight Lyrics

Wolves At The Gate – Hindsight Lyrics

As I drift on the water, a voice calling to me had said
"Sail in to the harbor, cast down your nets and follow Me"
First of all the chosen, I saw the raising of the dead
It must be my devotion, for I stood alone upon that sea

So I walked on the tempest, I saw the waves below my feet
It's clear I was the bravest, to meet the stranger on the deep

I am the rock on which to build this land
Got the keys to the kingdom, I'm at His right hand
I was the first among the chosen, the boldest in devotion
Walking out upon the ocean, what else could I need?

I'm well-versed in forgiveness, as many as seven times repeat
In service was I fearless; attack my king, my blade you'd reap

What else could I need?
What else could I need?

Haunting my reflection, a bitter thought comes to my mind
I made known my objection, about how You had come to die

You said my thoughts were of the devil's kind
I was opposed to Your kingdom, and I should get behind
But You were talking like You're cursed, already laying in Your deathbed
Maybe somehow You were mislead, may it never be!

You said I would fall away, before the rooster's crow would end
To my shame did I betray, deny You as my closest friend

I'm singing, heart is hardened
I'm sleeping in the garden
I'm swinging swords I'm guarding my kindgom and my stardom

Am I different than Judas? For I betrayed the kindest friend
I'm all out of excuses, with nothing to make my amends

O Love! O Love! O Love!
You bottomless abyss!
O Love! O Love! O Love!
You bottomless abyss!

How tender You had spoken, though I betrayed the kindest friend
Faithful in devotion, such love I cannot comprehend

Oh when You found me I was broken
From the words that I had spoken
But You were faithful in devotion
You remembered me!
You remembered me!
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Songwriters: Abishai Collingsworth, Ben Summers, Nick Detty, Steve Cobucci
Hindsight lyrics © MUSIC SERVICES, INC.

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