Last year, I was told by a gentleman
You're looking at the best years of your life, kid
Well, I guess they they're scheduled settle in
Cause anything is better than a best like this
Now the wise men whisper in their wisdom
And they're telling me that "nothing lasts"
But I would bet that these bridges have been burning
Back before I ever struck a match (nothing lasts)
I'm not betting man, but if I was?
I would bet my bottom dollar that the world is flat
They said I'm wrong, cause I'm looking at the surface
And I'll never find a pearl like that
I wish my mother would have took us back home
When she threatened our behavior on the way to the beach
This house once echoed with the sounds of laughter
Till we shattered it's eyes and nailed boards to it's teeth

Last year I was told by a gentleman
That trust can be a neighbor to regret and mistake
We're just children in the garden of tomorrow
Playing ding dong ditch with the heavenly gates
When I was seven or eight
I would wait for the winter months
Making snow angels
Till the wings made my fingers numb
And then I'm twenty one, wishing I was twelve
Feeling like I'm forty-seven, bored to death of this living hell
Someday I'll bundle all the children up in layers
For the February blizzard blowing over Pennsylvania
And pray they never learn the lesson that I have tonight
That the moments in the photographs are never coming back to life

But the sky ain't falling, my dear, it's changing colors
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The Best Years Of Your Life, Kid Lyrics

Witness – The Best Years Of Your Life, Kid Lyrics