There's a box you want to put me in
Based on who you think I am
You're spitting out these lies you live
And say that I should follow
You try to put me up against a wall
Telling me it's for my own good
You slam my face into your rulebook
The words you force me to swallow

Don't confine me, don't define me
I'll just make a mess with that
Because you can't turn back
Consider it done
Once you've become

Domination is your rule of thumb
I'm just one of your victims
You try to put these shackles on
To own me in your kingdom
You act as though that I've escaped my cage
But I don't mean to hurt no one
You hunt me like an animal
To take away my freedoms


You tell me to be pretty, you tell me to be nice
You tell me I don't think straight, that I should hand you my life
You tell me that I'm weird, you tell me that I'm strange
You tell me I am crazy, that I should be ashamed

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Untameable Lyrics

Within The Eddy – Untameable Lyrics