You live a faithful deception of satire
A break in selfless obsession
Your trail of lies to speak a prophets intention
With everyone you've ever used

Last life crawl what do you pray for
Spoken death, liar
Darkness at the call of retribution
It's just the way we direct it inside

We don't have time for regret
Live life in a dissonant nightmare
Disparage your soul, you can't find
What you never seek on the brink of fascination

Sometimes I want to throw it all away spit
A picture of the confused center of your life
A picture of the confused nature of your world

So much evidence of your sorrow
So much evidence that you're alive
As soon as we get up and walk away
We turn around to see the bridges burned

And the life we just let slip away
And in the fires of those regrets
We see the light of missed opportunity
Disgracing our intentions and directing us home


We all feel the pressure of conviction
Live the life of someone you're not
You can't fake the feeling of acceptance
Bring it all to the last one inside

You are the phantom of your inception
Use your volition in your favor
You are the anthem of your reactions
Use your volition in your favor

Try streamlined mind attack
Faceless in your action
Faceless heart attack
Focused in your action fail-safe grave
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Virulent Lyrics

Within Chaos – Virulent Lyrics

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