Our daggers stab through your blackened heart
A sacred blasphemy
Rich lies that were once your greatest art
Now fuel this killing spree
The wolves are gathered anxious to start
To end your tyranny
Piece by screaming piece your torn apart
For the whole world to see

Your corpse: still animated
Wretched and old
Your end: your own creation
Stripped of control

Bled... And butchered
Your wealth... Now becomes our own
Lies... Reap no sympathy
Suffer... And die

Slumped on shattered knees you beg
To spare your feeble life
Too late to stay the rabid dogs
Grim Death swings down his scythe

Grim death swings down his scythe
Your fate is sealed

You fooled the world
Now blind can see
Deaf to your cries
Your fate is sealed
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No Sympathy For A Liar Lyrics

With Man Comes Massacre – No Sympathy For A Liar Lyrics

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