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Alteration Lyrics

Wite Wolf – Alteration Lyrics

I feel like I paid my dues. I won my fights
You can take my stripes
I'm a threat in the light but I'm always out of sight
Couldn't catch me stallin and high as a kite
In the back seat more questions
Despite my end of file record I've been read my rights
Now search, arrest, convict if you might
I promise at the end I'll be walking free hyped
Lately nothing ever seems to change
I work for ideas all I do is exchange
The doubting decays and I drown my pain
Counting the days till they call my name
I stand for the flag and kneel at the cross
Disrespect on this land gets a kill and a loss
Not a grave or a coff just some food for the hawks
Till they shit you out and you fertilize my lots
I feel like I paid my dues, No loan from a friend
No loan from a bank and everything I have I had to earn in the rank. I'm at
The edge of the ship, walking the plank
This time I will speak my mind
Love, hate, listen digest my rhymes
I block what they take while I'm cocking my gun
Guarding my plate, bullets first I will serenade
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