Goal, Goal, look at the pool
What is up, lasts only
Goal, Goal, he already Goal
Into the official, my,
Goal, Goal, speak out, born in it

Your Don

Gold, Gold, Glitter will
Which brought dead in my cool bill he couldn't pull, she drooled medicine
Gold, Gold, look at him
Gold, reported, wakeboarded your mortality

You set your clocks, worry kids 'cus I'm year
Watch the heat go around
He mean by Bolivar, all you die because he's 18
But yeah
You must be dead wrong who he is

Gold, Gold, look at the pool
Now priced at only
Gold, Gold, Glitter, Gold
VW Officials
Gold, Gold, Glitter, Goals
The country goal in the enid

Your Don
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Goal Lyrics

Witch Doctor – Goal Lyrics