She's so beautiful but she's unlucky
Every night she looks alright
But she can keep the secret
Bow for her name
Rise and shine
Baby you've got the look.*2

1st VERSE;

A time to rise a time to go
Baby comer i mean no danger
A risen soul but unlucky
Lonely marked with a daily hope
Painted black,a legacy nooo
I don;t know whats dark and bright
She cries out loud,Lord help me
She's so beautiful but she;s unlucky
Yeah yeah yeah...

BACKGROUND;wisdom am om oooh


Her touching eyes,lonely hopes
For a better girl like you
Intimacy living,traumatizing
Only you can take the road
Come Monday come that
No place to go
Why why why why
Who's losing?isn't she
Stop calling coz she's got
Something better better.

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Beautiful But Unlucky Lyrics

Wisdom – Beautiful But Unlucky Lyrics