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Straight Ahead Lyrics

Wipers – Straight Ahead Lyrics

I've heard this story
Just about a million times
But I read the book man
I know what'd inbetween the lines.
There's a long road ahead
Before they can really see.
It's time to break you loose,
It's time to set you free.

A friend of mine
He pumped the world right thru his veins
He broke down and cried
Oh, it's such a shame.
The pain people feel,
How can this be right?
Like we're all lost souls here
Blind in the night.

There's too many heartaches,
Just too many times
There's so many people here
Just so many trying
Well, who's gonna save us,
When we reach the end?
Tell me who's going to be there,
Who's going to be your friend?

Do you sometimes feel,
That we don't have a chance?
They'll give you odd's man,
That we are the last.
They build the toys
That will blows you dead.
There's anger in their eyes,
And their necks are red.

Well, we searched too long, too end up lost.
You can't look back, you just look straight ahead.
Just straight ahead.
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