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Wintertime – WINTERWORLD Lyrics

Ridin' round in that Kompressor with my lil bro, Good Intent aye!

Bossed up, flossed up
Had to run my cost up
I'm in Neiman's flexed up, water on me like I'm Jaws
I wake up and get involved
I got green like tennis ball
Money tall like Marc Gasol
Smokin' on some gasoline
I can't fuck with you cause you a fiend
I'm too clean
Always got a new scheme, I get green like some beans
Ski Patrol is the team and the coupe is matte black
No hassleback, just know that I'm havin' racks
I finessed the pack, Four big ass diamond rings like I'm Shaq
Juggin' I deserve a plaque, Watch how I work the magic
Wintertime, It's fantastic, Flexin' like I'm Randy Savage
Wintertime, new Lenny Kravitz
Floatin' off this gas I look like Raditz
Blast off different planet, Lil' boy I do damage
Money old like granny
Should've won a grammy
Put up like I'm Kenny, and I'm cookin' no Denny's
That's a whole lotta' money
Try to fold they won't let me
Try to fold they won't let me
Rich like the Great Gatsby
Lotta cake no patty (nice)
Iced up like Gretzky (ice)
Teleport to like next week
All I see is this fetti
Winterworld is the city
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