Back then when I was still young, many a fullmoon ago,
I was the greatest in the land, a soother of the soul
My fingers touched a violin and magic filled the air
Your spirit was then purified, and leave you would not dare.
All was well until one day, a new face came to hear me play,
He stood and watched "the fool" he said, he laughed at me then turned and left

Tear my heart, I have lost my passion
Emptiness is was roams inside
Fear and pain, are all that guide me
My past, a thought, it's all that's left.

I stopped to play and watched him go, the end had come, my gift was gone
I walked alone the fateful night, what will I do now with my life?
Thirty years before this day, I still remember how I played,
Now an old man near his death I pray to play just once again
Before this night will come to pass,
I have the need to relive my past
I found a case beneath the dust, within lay my one true love
I held it up and closed my eyes, that's when I felt the endless lust
Heart and soul played through the night
Strings and man, become one
If only once this wish could happen in the old man's lifetime
He'd close his eyes before the dawn would come
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The Old Man’s Wish Lyrics

Winter's Verge – The Old Man’s Wish Lyrics