He sees you caught him by the fireside.
How was the walk you took this eventide?

See what he sees when he looks in her eyes.
He's caught you in some what of lie.

It falls short of a lie closer to a misunderstanding
Out for a walk alone? (sometimes he's quite demanding)

You run off to a place to him unknown.
Tonight I cannot say that you truly were alone.

I felt someone along side of you.
I think you could feel him too.

He does not mean to be a stalker,
He just wanted to walk with her.

Maybe he should not have scared her off,
When he said, "I love you," behind a cough.

He lay by the fireside awake with eyes closed
As to be awake for an awakening, now his secret's exposed.

I did not mean for this to be seen
Though her fingers felt fancy dancing between.

The night stalker shall always leave the window cracked
In hopes that she comes running back.
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The Night Stalker Lyrics

Winston – The Night Stalker Lyrics

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